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The Merry-go-round

We currently have a children's ride which is correctly known as a "Chair-O-Plane". This is a small kiddies ride as opposed to the large ones that are available and generally enjoyed by the teenagers and upwards. We have actually had children as young as 6 months enjoying the ride.
This ride seats 10 children at one time each with their own individual seat and safety chains. Each ride is set with an automatic timer to give a three minute ride, this can of course be overridden and the equipment stopped if necessary. We find that, including loading and unloading, you average twelve rides per hour. If you are hiring this to raise money you can easily see that this works out to be 120 children per hour. Multiply this with what you decide to charge and you have your estimated income.
The ride is usually hired out in a block of 4 hours, however, from time to time we can accommodate you if it is required for more or less time than this.

Give us a call with the date you have in mind to first of all ensure it is not booked, and then we can discuss your requirements. Once we know this we will be happy to give you a quote.
We bring the ride to you, set it up and run it for you. It takes aproximately half an hour to set up. Requires a reasonably flat surface approximately 8 metres (24 feet) diameter and 3 metres (9 feet) clearance in height. Nothing else is required.



There are three methods of hiring the Chair-O-Plane:
1. SET FEE. The standard method of hiring is a set rate for a block booking of 4 hours. You then are free to charge whatever you like, keeping all income from the ride.
2. SITE FEE. Where we pay you a nominal amount for the site, bring the ride along, set it up, operate it and charge on a per ride basis. We then keep all income from the ride. In these cases all other rides in the area must be charging a minimum fee. (Not available during December and minimum number of rides required)
3. PERCENTAGE BASIS: Same as option 2 except we pay you a percentage of the income from the ride instead of a site fee.(Not available during December and minimum number of rides required)

15 Longleaf Street, Frankston Vic. 3200, Australia
Tel: (03) 9786 5481 – FAX: (03) 97867951

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