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The following items are the latest to have been added to our list of Magic and accessories.

Some items we can only get limited supplies, which means, once they are sold and we can not obtain them, they will be taken off the list.
(Email us to hold one for you so you can be the first with the latest.)

ADDED 24th March 2010

#223 "Car Window Sticker"

Let the world know you are a Magician. A great little sticker produces a stick figure of a Magician printed in white for application to your rear window or rear door window. Total height is 125 mm (5 inches), big enough to be noticed yet small enough not to block anyone's vision.

"Car Window Sticker" $4.00 each

ADDED 24th March 2010

#222 "Watch Prediction"

This is quite a nice watch to wear, the face is black and blank, the metal wrist band is silver, but after 30 seconds the face gradually displays the Ace of Spades after another 30 seconds this fades away back to the plain black face. The watch may be turned "off" while in the black, can be shown around then 30 seconds before you want the Ace to be displayed, you can turn it on. This means it is under your control the complete time allowing other people to hold the watch whilst you force the card or whatever you want to do.

"Watch Prediction" $35.00

ADDED 15th January 2010

#221 "Hand Flasher"

A stream of sparks as you go to touch the microphone stand, or as you go to touch a switch on the wall. In your hand ready anytime. Clockwork, just wind it up - no batteries to buy.

"Hand Flasher" $15.00

#220 Brandy Glass 4"

An unspillable Glass of Brandy. Carry it in your pocket with no chance of making a mess and then magically produce it.

Brandy Glass 4" $12.00

#219 Sponge Balls 2"

A set of 4 Sponge Balls for performing a classic of magic.

Sponge Balls 2" $10.00

#218 "Cups & Balls Booklet"

A great routine by Harry Mendoza for performing the Cups & Balls

Cups & Balls Booklet $10.00

#217 "Sponge Ball to Square"

A sponge ball is pushed into the hand and magically changes to a cube.

Sponge Ball to Square $10.00

ADDED 20th April 2009

#216 "Mr Tricks DVD "
Learn ten Astounding Easy to do Magic Tricks, Hanky Through the Glass, Pencil Through the Note, Magic Printing, Pencil Through Hanky, Knife changes to a Fork, Bending Fork, Haunted Hanky, The Vanishing Coin, Colour changing knapkins, The Magic Straw. Also included are Interactive Magic Tricks and Optical Illusions. Recommended for 7 years old and upwards. (Yes, Even Dad)

Mr Tricks DVD . $20.00

#215 "Swallowing Sword"
A Trick Sword which allows you to apparently swallow it. (It actually rolls itself up in the mouth) Easy to do.

Swallowing Sword. $25.00

#214 "Change Bag Book"
Explains 50 Tricks with the Magic change Bag. Make items appear, disappear or change into something else.
EG. Ideal for vanishing the silk hankerchief in "20th Century Silks"

Change Bag book. $5.00

#213 "Change Bag"
Can make items appear, disappear or change into something else.

Change Bag $15.00

#212 "Zipper Egg Bag"
Same as item #146 except it has a zipper in the bottom allowing for comedy as the spectators hand can go right through the bag and out the bottom.

Zipper Egg Bag. $15.00

#211 "Twentieth Century Silks 12"
A classic of Magic. Same as Item #82 only slightly smaller. Two blue silks are tied together, a red silk is vanished and discovered tied between the two blue silks while they are held by a spectator. 12" x 12" silks.

Twentieth Century Silks. $20.00

#210 "Svengali Deck of Cards Bridge Size"
The Svengali Deck is a trick pack of cards that enables you to show all cards different and then all cards the same. A card can be selected and then the magician cuts to their chosen card. Mnay variations possible except you can't use them as an ordinary deck of cards

Svengali Deck of Cards. $10.00

ADDED 17th March 2008

#209 "Folding Top Hat"
Ideal for the budding Magician who wants the traditional Magicians top hat. Because of the folding mechanism inside, these are not really suitable for wearing but great for effect. (Point of interest; There is no such thing as a folding Top Hat if it folds, or actually collapses, it is an Opera Hat. Designed originally so that it could be sat upon during the opera).

Folding Top Hat. $50.00

#208 "Cups & Balls - Brass"
The Cups and Balls trick where balls appear and disappear from in and out of three cups, made for those that want the additional elegant look of brass. A Classic of Magic

Cups & Balls - Brass $35.00

#207 "Cups & Balls - Combination"
The Cups and Balls trick where balls appear and disappear from in and out of three cups. In addition one of these cups is a Chop Cup as well allowing a magical twist in the presentation or enabling it to be used in a completely different routine. Two Classics of Magic

Cups & Balls - Combination $30.00

#206 "Cups & Balls - Copper"
The Cups and Balls trick where balls appear and disappear from in and out of three cups. A Classic of Magic

Cups & Balls - Copper $25.00

#205 "Chinese Linking Rings 10" (250mm)"
The famous Chinese Linking Rings. A full set of 8 rings 10" (250mm) diameter. The perfect size for stage or stand-up magic. Professional set comes complete with instructions.

Chinese Linking Rings $40.00

ADDED 1st March 2008

#2029 - #2034 "Magic Collection Nos. 1 - 6"
Each Magic Collection contains 4 tricks, which are easy to do and come with complete instructions. Buy all 6 and you have quite a magic act of 24 tricks with which to make your name.

Magic Collection $15.00 each

#204 "Magic Wand - 10 inch"
A 250 mm (10") Magic Wand, ideal for the beginner, plastic, in traditional colours of Black with White tips. Fits easily into your pocket.

Magic Wand $2.00

#203 "Glass of Liquid Production"
A Glass of liquid is produced from either inside your coat or from underneath a hankerchief, despite having been walking around all evening with out going anywhere near a table etc.


Glass of Liquid Production $10.00

#202 "Coloured Rope"
A 15 metre (50Feet) hank of coloured rope, some fluorescent colours, ideal under Ultra Violet lighting
.Colours available include Blue/Melon striped, Yellow/Melon striped, Green , Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Orange with Silver fleck.
State colours required.

15 metre hank Rope $30.00

#201 "Rope Chain"
A coil of rope is shown and a story told about how you were sent get a chain. First the coil of rope changes to a rope chain and then finally all the links come apart to reveal that all the links are all single and separate from each other. Illustration shows first the coil of rope, in the middle is the chain of rope and lastly all the loops at last separate.

Rope Chain $10.00

#200 "Loop of Fate"
A small chain is displayed on the table. The right hand side is picked up and he circle is laid down to represent a figure eight. After demonstrating that one side of the figure 8 will catch a finger placed within it while the other side will not, the challenge is made that they will never be able to pick which of the loops will catch their finger. Needless to say, you the magician are always right.

Loop of Fate $10.00

#199 "Tapered Card Deck"
Card selected replaced in pack, spectator shuffles pack, immediately you produce their card from the pack. Four Aces can be produced from the pack after it is shuffled. Red and black cards can be separated from the pack.

Tapered Card Deck $10.00


#198 "Marked Card Deck"
Only you can read the secret marks. Imagine knowing what your partner or opponent has, just by looking at the backs of their cards.

Marked Card Deck $10.00

ADDED 13th September 2006

#197 "Magic Card Tricks"
Amaze your friends and family with more than twenty easy to learn card tricks.
You can perform like a magician with this simple instruction booklet and our special magic packs.
Professional Magicians use Bicycle brand cards. Find different cards using only your fingertips.
Presto! Chango You can turn any card into an Ace!
This kit consists of two packs of cards, (one of which is a trick pack) and a booklet containing over 20 easy to do card tricks using these packs. These are Bridge size Rider back, Bicycle cards.

Magic Card Tricks $25.00

ADDED 28th May 2006

A great little novelty, only you can make it lie down.
Hand it to the spectator and every time they lay it down it pops upright again,
no matter how often or how hard they try. You can take it back again and immediately
lay it dowm again where it stays.

Magic Imp Bottle $5.95

Like our Jelly Bean snake Can only smaller taking up less valuable space in your case.
Nuts can be heard rattling inside, when the lid is unscrewed a snake jumps out to everyones surprise.
Great for Kids Shows.

Mixed Nuts Snake Can $10.00

Not Magic But Challenging

Casino Style. Includes instruction.
Learn to play "Texas Hold'em", "Omaha Hold'em", "Seven Card Stud" and "Five Card Stud". Poker rules hand rankings, the deck, betting basics, poker terms poker stratergy - thinking like a poker player.
Tournament Style Excitement at Home or On the Go

Complete Kit consisting of;
Poker Gaming Mat, 200 Professional Poker Chips, 1 Dealer Button, 1 Big Blind Button,
1 Small Blind Button, 2 Decks of Playing Cards, Poker Chip Rack and Easy Instruction Booklet.
Complete Kit $30.00

ADDED 6th January 2006

#175 "Ball & Vase"
Lid is lifted from a small vase to reveal a red ball which is removed and placed in the pocket. A magical wave the lid is again lifted to reveal the ball has returned to the vase. The lid is replaced, another magical wave and when the lid is lifted the ball has vanished and it is retrieved from the pocket.

#187 'Crazy (Dice) Cube'
A Dice is enclosed in a tube by a spectator - The Magician is able to reveal the uppermost number without removing the cap.

#188 'Coin Slide'
A 10 cent coin is borrowed from a spectator placed in the coin slide, when the slide is withdrawn it has vanished or can be changed into a 5 cent piece. Can be used to vanish either coin, produce either coin or exchange one for the other.

#189 'In & Out Boxes'
A Red Box is opened to reveal a Black Box. The Black Box is opened and the Red Box placed inside. The Black Box now completely encloses the Red Box - How can this happen ?

#190 'Magic Snapper'
A tube is seen to have a rubber band inside it fixed to the bottom. A plunger which fits inside the tube has a hook shape on it. The idea is the spectator is chellenged to catch the rubber band on the hook. Apparently only the magician can prove to do it.

#191 'Drawer Box'
A box is displayed and shown to be empty an item is placed into the box and the drawer closed. Upon opening the drawer the item has disappeared. Any item that can be placed in the box can be vanished or produced.

#192 'Magic Arrow'
A plaque is displayed with an arrow on each side of it both pointing the same way. Mysteriously one of the arrows is pointing in a different direction, then the other one is pointing in yet another direction. This can be surprising and as magical as the story that you invent to go with it. Under the magicians controll all the time.

#193 'Magic Bundle'
Consists of'Ball and Vase', 'Crazy (Dice) Cube', 'Coin Slide', 'In & Out Boxes', 'Magic Snapper',and 'Drawer Box' 'Magic Arrow' Buy all these 7 tricks and receive a massive discount. Just remember to order them as Item No#193. All of these are great Tricks for the young magician starting out.

All Items individually $5.95 each
Magic Bundle All 7 items - Item #193 $35.00
(Save 95 cents on each item.)

ADDED 7th December 2005

#186 "Magic Siren/Whistle Sound"

At any time during your show this mysterious sound comes out as you raise your hands to your mouth and apparently blow. Sometimes described as a police siren other times as a wolf whistle. Its under your control as you make it rise and fall in pitch. Your hands are immediately shown to be empty. If you like to be less magical, you can show the gimmick and just pick it up and blow it when you want the magic to happen. Use it instead or with the magic word.

Item #186 $3.00

ADDED 7th December 2005

#185 "CAJ Deck"

The Clowns and Jesters deck (CAJ deck) comes complete with the gaff deck, and the companion instructional booklet containing several CAJ deck routines. The CAJ deck is designed to be added to any normal deck of cards. They are red backed bicycle cards, which are commonly available. Each routine is explained in common language, and leaves out any confusing magic jargon so both the advanced and beginning magician can perform these great effects! Routines Included: Reverse Printed Flush Deck, Infinite Zeros, Impossible Bet, Beverly Hills Queen, Cute Kings, 3 Card Monte, And Many More.
10, J, Q, K, A of Diamonds printed in black
10, J, Q, K, A of Hearts printed in black
The same for Spades and clubs printed in red
2 and a half of clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds
Half of spades (half an ace with 1/2)
Jack of hearts but printed with a Q and a heart in opposite corners
Queen of clubs and ten of diamonds on face with all pips pushed into one corner towards the 10 and away from the Queen
Pair of kings printed in twisted sister style
Normal King of diamonds?
the zero of hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds
Normal king of clubs with 2 half overlapping red bike backs printed on the reverse
The CAJ Deck includes 2 other cards. The Ace/Two/Three of Clubs is for a new variation of Gordon Beans TEMPTATION.
This is a hand held 3 card monte, which can be done without a table.

And so it goes on with double sided cards with twisted sister style prints on both sides and in mixed colours etc.

Item #185 $25.00

#184 "101 Tricks with a Thumb Tip"

Booklet with 101 tricks you can do with a thumb tip. Comes complete witha rubber thumb tip (Item #183) included, Ideal for the person just starting out.

Item #184 $10.00

#183 "Thumb Tip"

Small rubber thumb tip, could be used as an extra finger.

Item #183 $2.00

ADDED 10th June 2005

#182 "Flowering Bouquet"

The flower bouquet is shown and one by one each of the five blooms is plucked from it. Mysteriously the Bouquet blooms again. The blooms can suddenly appear or slowly appear, the choice is yours.

Item #182 $25.00

#181 "Tear Away Change Bag"

Item placed in bag, is substituted for another item when the bag is torn open. Bag opens out flat as it is opened, springing the new item up into the air.
(Cannot be reversed, original item is reclaimed after the show.)

Item #181 $25.00

ADDED 20th April 2005

#180 "Toucan Hand Puppet"

A cute bird which can pack small but play big allowing you to introduce back and forth by-play without you having to learn ventriloquism. Like the 'Singing Duck #179 why not do a trick with the aid of this crazy looking bird. When your hand operates the beak it lets out a screeching sound.

Item #180 $25.00

#179 "Singing Duck Puppet"

Singing Duck Puppet This is another bird, a cute duck which can pack small but play big allowing you to introduce back and forth by-play without you having to learn ventriloquism. Why not do a trick with the aid of this crazy duck. When your hand operates the beak it lets out a crow like sound.

Item #179 $25.00

#178 "Chinese Linking Rings Book"

This booklet gives routines for a 3 ring, 4 ring, 6 ring and 8 ring routine. It covers Drop, Wrist and Odin counts. Covers Standard, Crash, Throw and Drop link. The standard, Throw and Spinning un-link are covered as well as 9 different paterns that can be made with the linking rings. This is an excellent little book considering its size of 32 pages.

Item #178 $4.00

#176 "Thumb Tip Standard Size #177 King Size - Vernet"

These thumb tips are the best on the market made of strong yet plyable material and the perfect colour for most uses. The King size allows a larger load whether it be an extra large silk hankerchief or for a salt pour.

Item #176 $5.00 Item #177 $6.50

#175 "Ball & Vase"

A great Trick for the young magician starting out. Lid is lifted froma small vase to reveal a red ball which is removed and placed in the pocket. A magical wave the lid is again lifted to reveal the ball has returned to the vase. The lid is replaced, another magical wave and when the lid is lifted the ball has vanished and it is retrieved from the pocket.

Item #175 $5.95

#174 "Handcuffs Escape"

Using genuine police handcuffs, after examination, the spectator puts them on the wrists of the magician behind his back. The spectator retains the key. After a few moments the magician escapes. The hands, wrists and handcuffs may be examined before and after. A reputation maker.

Item #174 $25.00

#173 "You Two Card Trick"

Twelve cards are dealt out Six to the spectator and Six to the magician. They both hold their cards behind their backs, each selects a card from their pile which are then exchanged. In placing the other persons card in their pile they first reverse it in their pile. The two piles are now brought out and fanned out. The two face up cards are identical (eg. Both Queen of Hearts) It is suggested that perhaps the spectator may think that all of the cards are the same (Queen of Hearts). Upon turning all the remaining cards face up it is seen that indeed they are all the same as each other but not the same as the two exchanged and reversed cards (EG. All Three of Clubs)

Item #173 $5.00

#172 "Chinese Coin Release"

Teaches how after examination the coin after being threaded on a ribbon, melts off the ribbon, even while the ends of the ribbon are being held by the spectator.

Item #172 $5.00

ADDED 22nd February 2005

#171 "Sleeve Flower Bouquet"

Made especially to fit into your sleeve so that at any time, by grasping the ring at the bottom, the bouquest can be produced in the twinkling of an eye. Each bouquet has 6 flowers. I got gasps when I personally used two of these - producing a bouquet in each hand at the same time during a two week run of gigs in Taiwan.

Item #170 $20.00 (Length of Bouquet 28cm)

ADDED 4th February 2005

#170 Diamond Cut Silks 18"

These silks are cut in the shape of a diamond, the advantage being they are ideal for productions as they take up half the space of the equivalent silk. When held up by one corner they look to all intents and purposes like a full 18" silk.
Available in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green in the same colours as our regular silks.

Item #170 $7.00 (State colours required.)

ADDED 6th January 2005

#169 Ribbon & Bangle Mystery

An excellent trick for thr young magician who wants to learn. (Great for the not so young as well.) A Gold Bangle and a length of ribbon may be examined (There's nothing feked with them anyway so they wont find anything.) The routine that comes with this teaches you how to make the bangle jump onto the ribbon and then, now that it has been threaded on, off the ribbon. Next it is tied onto the ribbon and yet again it comes off. Finally it is threaded onto the ribbon and the ends of the ribbon are held by spectators it is once again magically removed by the magician.
Note; The routine for this is the same as for item #38 only this uses a bangle and ribbon instead of a ring and rope.

Item #169 $7.50

#168 Comedy Magic Colouring Book

A classic in Children's Magic. A colouring book which is different to the run of the mill type seen by many. Same effect though. Book may be shown Blank, then black & white drawings and then shown with them all coloured in. We recommend you make a routine out of this. Why not use a change bag placing different coloured silks in to the bag calling them your "Magic Paint". After weaving your magic spell, remove the silk handkerchiefs as all white, saying the colour has gone out of them....where has it gone ? into the book of course.

Item #168 $15

#38 Ring & Rope Mystery

Following a customers request we have brought this back it now sports a length of white rope and a gold ring approximately 100mm diameter and 2.5 mm thick. (No its not real gold - but don't tell them) Teaches how after examination the ring suddenly becomes threaded on the rope, then melts off the rope, is tied on but still comes off, is threaded on and the ends given to spectator but still it comes off. A nice routine easily learnt.
Note; The routine for this is the same as for item #169 only this uses a ring and rope instead of a bangle and ribbon.

Item #38 $7.50

ADDED 2nd November 2004

#167 Mind Reading Crayons

You the Magician, tells the spectator the colour of the crayon that he handed to you behind your back while your back was turned towards him.

Item #167 $10

ADDED 3rd September 2004

#166 Magic Glitter Wand

Add sparkle to your act! Wave the wand over whatever magic you are performing and magic glitter sprinkles out from the end of the wand.

Item #166 $10

#165 Multiplying Rabbits

A classic in close-up Magic. A rabbit is placed into spectators hand and one in yours. "Did you feel anything" You ask. "Open your hand! They've changed places! After the laughter (or groan), place both rabbits in the hand of the spectator and when opened the two rabbits are seen to be accompanied by four baby rabbits. Always an excellent surprise, provoking much laughter.

Item #165 $5

#164 Linking Loops

Two loops held by the fingers are stretched between the two hands. Spectator is asked to grasp the two loops by their adjacent strands and slide their hand up and down the loops. When they let go, magically the two loops have linked together, one hand lets go and they are seen to be definately linked. They are again stretched between the two hands, the centre strands are again grasped by the spectator and slid back and forth. Upon release they are once again unlinked and may be examined.

Item #164 $5

#163 Magic Rising Wand

Wand is held in the hand vertically, mysteriously it starts to rise, sliding through the fist as if it has a mind of its own. It can be pushed back down in the fist, and yet it rises again and again. The wand may be held horizontal, and now it again moves, this time to the side. It is at all time in the control of the magician. Great for children, when you look away it moves, they all cry out.

Item #163 $10

ADDED 3rd June 2004

#162 50 Cool Card Tricks Anyone Can do

"50 Cool Card Tricks Anyone Can Do" by Barry Govan. Here are some of the best card tricks in the business. They have been used by professional and amateur magicians alike. Selected from around the world none of these tricks require sleight of hand. This is the book for which we've all been waiting.

Item #162 $15


#161 Jelly Bean Snake Cans

Looks like a can of Jelly Beans yet when opened out jumps two brightly coloured snakes. A great surprise for your assistant from the audience. Works great for Adults and Children. Use it when baking the cake ? (The snakes alone are worth the price)

Item #161 - $15

#160 Magic Magnetic Wand 400mm (16")

Black with White tips. Same as our item 159 except this wand has one of our high strength rare earth magnets embedded in each end.

#159 Magic Wand 400mm (16")

A light attractive Magic Wand 400mm in length (16"), black with white tips.

Magnetic Magic Wand Item #160 $8

Magic Wand Item #159 $3

#158 Linking Rings 100mm (4")

Complete set of eight rings and comes complete with instructions
These work beautifully - at last a close-up set that work for me.

100mm (4") Linking Rings - Set of Eight Item #158 $20

#157 'Slush Powder'

A teaspoonful turns water to jelly. Place a teaspoonful in a foam cup, poor in the water, now start piercing the walls of the cup with pencils and nothing leaks out. The water has apparently disapeared

Slush Powder Item #157 $10

#156 'Happy Birthday' silk 18"
#150 'Happy Birthday' silk 36"

An 18 inch silk with the words Happy Birthday - Great to produce at the childs birthday party show.

Item #156 (18")$12 see also
Item #150 (36") $30

ADDED 14th February 2004


Perfect for the young Magician just starting out in Magic. 60 Tricks comes with everything you need including an instruction book with comprehensive instructions. Not only that, you can actually see what the trick looks like when performed on the internet at http//www.chusmagic.com/60set.htm

Item #154 $25

#153 'The End' silk 36"

A Giant 36 inch silk with the words The End, yet another ideal way to finish your show.

Item #153 $20

#152 'Goodbye' silk 36"

A Giant 36 inch silk with the word 'Goodbye', another ideal way to finish your show.
(Sorry about the quality of the picture - actual silk is excellent)

Item #152 $20

#151 'Thank You' silk 36"

A Giant 36 inch silk with the words Thank You, ideal way to finish your show.

Item #151 $20

#149 'Card' Silks 24"

These card silks come in 24 inch size and are available in Ace of Spades, Queen of Hearts and King of Clubs.

Item #149 $20

#148 'Blendo' silk 24"

This colourful silk is 24 inch size. If you require matching 12 inch silks to match they are available under item #48.

Item #148 $12

ADDED 3rd MARCH 2003


A Magic Wand - 45 cm long, 10mm diameter tapering to 3mm diameter. Just the wand for all that Harry potter style Magic. Gets away from the standard magicians black and white wand. Available in Black, Blue and Red

Item #146 $2.50

ADDED 3rd MARCH 2003


A bright yellow with black dots, 12cm square dice is covered by a blue silk cloth, the magician holds the cloth as the dice starts to float up underneath the cloth. The dice floats out from underneath the cloth, along the arm, behind the arm, behind the leg and disappears. Appearing once again it floats back underneath the cloth evntually coming to rest back on the table.
All the moves of the Zombi ball may be performed.

Item #145 $40.00

ADDED 3rd MARCH 2003


A pack of cards from which, as you deal, you can tell by touch if each card is a spot card, a court card or an Ace. Actual method was once used by cheating gamblers on the Mississippi River Boats.
Supplied for entertainment purposes only !

Item #144 $10.00

ADDED 15th AUGUST 2002

#141, 142, 143 APPEARING WANDS

Require a Magic Wand ? Before, after or during the performance, a Magic Wand magically appears in your hand. Like Magic it seems to appear instantaneously. Pick something up off the table, like a coin, turn the hand over and it has changed to a Magic Wand. Two different types 'Party Wand' and 'Traditional Wand' (Black with Silver tips). Approx 50cm (22") long

Item #141 2 WANDS $3.00
Item #142 10 WANDS $12.00
Item #143 20 wands $20

ADDED 1st MARCH 2002


Ideal for Children, each bag is over 300 x 300 mm. and decorated with these crazy animals. Brightly coloured cloth bag is shown, inside and outside. It is empty. An EGG magically appears, disappears and again appears. A lot of fun and laughter along the way. The egg finally vanishes only to be found somewhere completely away from the action. A classic of Magic with a new lease of life comes complete with routine and 2 eggs. Choice of White or Brown Eggs.

Item #140 Animal Egg Bag $20.00

ADDED 1st MARCH 2002


A short string of beads (10 supplied in each pack) are either displayed or magically produced. After a few deft moves they are formed into a Miniature Poodle dog. When working Close-up at tables this is an ideal way to finish if you then present it to one of the ladies. I've done it and it works beautifully. Comes in mixture of strings of Gold, Silver and Pearl or you can request all of one colour.

Item #139 Poodle Beads $6.50

ADDED 1st MARCH 2002


More of a Joke than Magic. A short length of rope is displayed and the two ends tied together. The audience is asked if they know another name for a reef knot. (Very few people these days know the answer) You explain that another name for it is a 'Square Knot' and that for those up the back "This is a square knot" upon saying this the rope is held up and it is seen it is now in the form of a square.

Item #138 Square Knot $10


Poker Size

Jumbo Size

Four Cards supplied, Three cards are shown to be single and separate. (Figs 1 & 2.) The odd coloured card is placed between the two other cards and they are squared.
The cards are now thrown down onto the table (Fig 3) and it is seen that there are only two cards the odd one has vanished.
It is has jumped to your pocket, (Fig4) it is withdrawn and pushed at right angles between the two on the table. (Fig 5) It's back has now changed colour. (Fig 6)
Price #136 - $5
Price #137 - $10

Item #136 Acrobat Card

ADDED 29th AUGUST 2001


A utility 500 x 500 mm handkerchief made to vanish most medium sized articles. eg. Watch, small camera, banana etc.
Dark Blue material covered in white stars.
Just $15

#135 Devils Handkerchief

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