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SPECIAL $100.00

Black Light Kit

The Blacklight or Ultra Violet Light Effect - ONLY 10 SETS AVAILABLE
The idea is not new, I remember seeing it around, for the first time in the early fifties.
Blacklight which is close to the Ultra Violet light spectrum causes suitably treated materials to fluoresce or glow brightly.
We have the rope that has this ability to glow which brings a whole new look to your act. Imagine the lights going dim and the ropes you are holding, taking on a whole new look. They just have to be seen to be believed.
We have a great portable kit which allows you to do what only the big production companies used to do.
Make up your own tricks - we give you all the materials

What you get
5 metres of Fluorescent:
          White rope
          Orange rope
          Lime rope
          Pink/Blue stripe rope
          Pink/Yellow stripe rope
PVC tape to finish off the ends of the ropes when you cut them.
4 Rope Magnets
1 Complete ready to perform Professors Nightmare
1 Complete ready to perform Magic Loops
The ready to plug in and go Blacklight
(It even has a switch on top so that you can switch it on, with your toe, when you are ready)

All this for $100

You wont need a stage to use this. You can even do it in the lounge. Just place it on the floor, plug it in and away you go.

Limited quantities only available from Abracadabra Promotions
Postage is extra on this item - First come first served.
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